A test is a special kind of accessment that allows the respondee's answers to be rated immediately. Unless otherwise stated, all pages described are admin viewable only. Test processing happens in a multiple stage process.
  1. The system evaluates the test as good as it can.
  2. The results of this auto-grading are displayed in the evaluation table for the admin (see test specifications)
  3. The test result is stored in the scoring system.
  4. Staff can manually Human Grade the test. This is mandatory for open questions for the test to be completely graded.
  5. The result of the human grading overwrites the auto grading in the scoring system.
Autograding is different for the types of questions the test has. For future versions it should be possible to easily add other types of information that will be autograded. All autograding follow this scheme:
  1. The answer is taken from the respondee response
  2. It is compared with the correct answer
  3. A percentage value is returned
  4. The percentage value is multiplied with the points for the question in the section (see assessment document for more info).
  5. The result will be stored together with a link to the response for the particular question in the scoring system.
  6. Once finished with all the questions, the result for the test is computed and stored with a link to the response in the scoring system.
Autograding is different for each type of question. Human grading will display all the questions and answers of response along with the possibility to reevaluate the points and give comments. The header will display the following information: For each question the following will be displayed