by Joel Aufrecht

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Automated Testing provides a framework for executing tests of all varieties and for storing and viewing the results.

Functional Requirements

Req #Status in 5.0Priority for 5.1 (A=required, B=optional)Description
1DoneDoneStore trees of category labels
1.1?ACategory is package-aware. (Data in one package is not visible from another package. There is a permission-based way to accomplish this, but it is not obvious in the UI.)
2DoneDoneThere is a GUI for administrators to manage category trees (create, delete, move leaves, edit leaves).
3DoneDoneAn OpenACS Object can be associated with zero, one, or more categories.
3.1partialAThere is a GUI to control which categories are associated with an object.
3.1.1DoneDoneA package administrator can choose which category trees apply to a package or parent object. The list of category trees which apply to an object or its parent is called the enabled tree list.
3.1.2DoneDoneThere is a facility to control object/category association. (via /categories/www/form-page.tcl.)
3.1.3 DoneThe enabled trees for an object can be added as fields in form builder. (Current ad_form implementation supports single select and multiple select; all enabled trees or none. /categories/www/widget is a deprecated solution.)
3.1.4 BA GUI for linking any category (even one not in the enabled trees) to an object.
3.2partialAA GUI to see an object's categories.
3.2.1 AAll of the categories which an object belongs to can be displayed via an includelet on an object view page. (/categories/www/widget)
4 AList-builder can sort and filter by category. (Implemented; not documented. single-select only.)
5partialAShow all objects in a category. The current implementation is deprecated - see TIP #44: Service Contract to resolve the url from an object_id and TIP #43: Adding object_name to acs_objects


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