Upgrading 4.5 or higher to 4.6.3

The required platform for OpenACS 4.6 is the same as 4.5, with the exception of OpenFTS. OpenACS 4.6 and later require OpenFTS 0.3.2 for full text search on PostgreSQL. If you have OpenFTS 0.2, you'll need to upgrade.

If upgrading from 4.4, you need to manually run acs-kernel/sql/postgres/upgrade-4.4-4.5.sql. See Bug #632

  1. Make a Backup. Back up the database and filesystem (see the section called “Manual backup and recovery”).

  2. OPTIONAL: Upgrade OpenFTS. the section called “Upgrading OpenFTS from 0.2 to 0.3.2”

  3. Stop the server

    [root root]# svc -d /service/$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME
  4. Upgrade the filesystem. the section called “Upgrading the OpenACS files”

  5. Start the server

    [root root]# svc -u /service/$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME
  6. Use APM to upgrade the database. 

    1. Browse to the package manager, http://yourserver/acs-admin/apm.

    2. Click Install packages.

    3. Select the packages you want to install. This should be everything that says upgrade, plus any new packages you want. It's safest to upgrade the kernel by itself, and then come back and upgrade the rest of the desired packages in a second pass.

    4. On the next screen, click Install Packages

    5. When prompted, restart the server:

      [root root]# restart-aolserver $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME
    6. Wait a minute, then browse to the package manager, http://yourserver/acs-admin/apm.

    7. Check that the kernel upgrade worked by clicking All and making sure that acs-kernel version is 5.9.0.

  7. Rollback. If anything goes wrong, roll back to the backup snapshot.