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Directory Package Documentation

By Mike Bonnet


This is the Directory Package. It is a very simple (1 page) package for listing and searching through the members of a subsite. It is fully subsite-aware, using the application_groups functionality in ACS4.2 to define subsite membership.

If you're reading this, then you probably have the package installed already. If not, load the .apm file into the package manager (/acs-admin/apm/) and click install. The data model for this package is very minimal (3 views) and should load very quickly. If there are any errors loading this package, make sure you are using ACS4.2, since this package requires the new subsite-scoping features. If you geta "query returned no rows" error, visit the admin/groups page for your subsite, so that it can configure itself as necessary, and then try the Directory package again.

Using the Directory Package

Now that you have the package installed, you need to mount it somewhere. If you only have one instance of the acs-subsite package mounted (the "Main Site") you can mount it anywhere under that package. If you have multiple instances of acs-subsite, you can mount an instance of Directory under each subsite.

When listing users, the Directory package will find the nearest subsite above it on the site_nodes tree. It will then list everybody that is a member of that subsite (based on membership in the application_group associated with that subsite, see packages/acs-subsite/sql/application-groups-create.sql).

A user can make themself a member of a subsite instance by visiting <subsite_url>/register/user-join. They will then show up in the Directory listing for that subsite. An admin can also make a user a member of a subsite instance by going to <subsite_url>/admin/groups/?view_by=rel_type. Note that to add a user to a subsite, they must be a member of all of the subsites above it in the site_nodes tree. register/user-join takes care of this automatically, but an admin must manually handle all of the constraints when adding a new member.

The list of users displayed can be restricted by the letter their last name starts with, or a search criteria. The search shows users that have the search criteria anywhere in their first name, last name, or email address (case-insensitive). When searching, a "browse by letter" link will appear next to the search box, to allow you to go back to browse mode. When searching or browsing, the number of results per page can be restricted by clicking one of the "show" links on the left side. You also have the choice of viewing "subsite members" (people who have been explicitly made a member of the current subsite) or "all users" (all registered users of the site).