Installation instructions

ETP Documentation :Install I'm assuming you've already installed OpenACS 4, loaded the data model, and you can see the "Congratulations!" page in your web browser. First, install the ETP package by navigating to the package manager (found at acs-admin/apm ), and selecting "Load a new package from a URL or local directory".

The Package Manager will retrieve the package code, place it in your server's packages/editthispage directory, and perform the necessary database setup. When that's done, you'll need to restart your server to load all of the package's tcl code.

Now you may test the package by visiting the Site Map (found at admin/site-map), creating a new directory, selecting "new application", and choosing Edit This Page. Within that directory, anyone who has "write" permission will see a link that takes them to the ETP interface from which they may edit the content of the page.

However, you're not really having fun until you can modify your home page through your web browser. If you go the Main Site Administration page, and click on Parameters, you can set the URL for the main site, under IndexRedirectUrl. If you have mounted an Edit-this-page instance at /intranet, for example, you can enter intranet here, and requests for the main page (/) will be redirected to the Edit this page instance (/intranet).

Or, if you want requests for (/) to still go to /, then by entering the following commands, you'll set up your site so that Edit This Page can also serve pages at the top level of the URL hierarchy, including your home page. Doing this will not prevent access to the top-level admin pages; the acs-subsite package remains mounted at the top level.

cd /web/MYSERVER/www
mkdir index-backup
mv index* index-backup
ln -s ../packages/edittthispage/www/index.vuh .