Install Full Text Search using Tsearch2


By Dave Bauer, Joel Aufrecht and Malte Sussdorff with help from Tsearch V2 Introduction by Andrew J. Kopciuch


Install Tsearch2 module

In earlier versions of PostgreSQL (7.4), tsearch2 was a contrib module. With PostgreSQL 9.*, it was included in the standard PostgreSQL package with minor naming changes (e.g. the function "rank" became "ts_rank"). PostgreSQL 9 included a backward compatibility module named "tsearch2". Newer OpenACS installations (at least 5.9.0 or newer) do not need the compatiblity package. In PostgreSQL 10 the tsearch2 compatiblity package has been removed.

On new OpenACS installations for PostgreSQL, install the tsearch2-driver package via "/acs-admin/install/" and mount the search package under "/search" via "/admin/site-map" if necessary.