Bboard Sample Implementation

by Andrew Grumet Back to RSS Support

The steps:

  1. Install the rss-support package, and mount a single instance at a convenient location (e.g. /rss). Note that rss-support is a service package and a singleton.
  2. Create one or more implementations of the RssGenerationSubscriber interface. This example registers an implementation for bboard forums.
  3. Define the implementation procs. This example implements the contracted procs.
  4. Create a subscription for each forum to be summarized. This can be accomplished by querying for the implementation's impl_id as follows
    select acs_sc_impl__get_id('RssGenerationSubscriber','bboard_forum');
    and navigating to /rss/subscr-ae?impl_id=$impl_id&summary_context_id=$forum_id (note that subscr-ae doesn't accept impl_name as a URL parameter for security reasons).
  5. The scheduled proc rss_gen_service will create a binding for the implementation and generate summaries for each subscription if the conditions for summary generation are met (i.e. if the subscription timeout interval has elapsed since the last build and if the time returned by lastUpdated is greater than the time of the last report built).
  6. Summaries can be found at /${RssGenOutputDirectory}/${ImplementationName}/${summary_context_id}/rss.xml