Resources to get help

Before we get started with the curriculum, you should be aware of what resources you have to get help as you’re learning OpenACS.
  1. The OpenACS documentation is excellent. So the first place to look is in the official documentation:
  2. Each installation of OpenACS has an API reference, located at Documentation for packages is also linked in from Some of the documentation you may need to know, like templating, is under this link.
  3. Google or other search engines are very useful. Try typing in error code messages in to Google.
  4. The OpenACS forums are invaluable. You should subscribe to the forums that seem relevant to you.
  5. The OpenACS FAQs answer many questions you may have.
  6. Some OpenACS developers have information about OpenACS on their websites, or have blogs related to OpenACS.
  7. The #openacs IRC channel is active, and a good place to ask questions.
  8. CVS browser of OpenACS code and package code.