All people in the current OCT, CVS committers, and anybody who posted in the forums at least twice between 25 May and 25 Aug 2003 can vote.

Vote by emailing a list of up to nine names from the list below, one per line, to A line which does not exactly match one of the original names is null, but does not spoil the ballot. A line which repeats a name on the same ballot is null, but does not spoil the ballot. A voted ballot consists of a list of up to nine candidate names in any order, one name per line, separated by line breaks. A ballot with more than nine names is a spoiled ballot.

The election will commence at noon Friday 10 Oct 2003 UTC, and end noon Friday 17 Oct 2003 UTC. Ballots (ie, emails) recieved before this period are valid. Ballots received after this period are not considered. Ballots from email addresses not on the voter pool list are void. If more than one ballot is received from a single email, the last one is counted. A list of email addresses which have provided valid ballots will be maintained at

See TIP #22 (Approved): Fall 2003 OCT Election Process for more information.


(Nominee list with personal statements)

Tilmann Singer
Janine Sisk
Jeff Davis
Bart Teeuwisse
Dave Bauer
Bruno Mattarollo
Torben Brosten
Mark Aufflick
Joel Aufrecht
Jade Rubick
Peter Marklund
Malte Sussdorff
Aldert Nooitgedagt
Jon Griffin
Caroline Meeks
Jun Yamog
Ola Hansson
Mat Kovach
Don Baccus
Lars Pind
Tom Jackson
Jarkko Laine
Roberto Mello

Send a list of up to nine names, one per line, to