acs_mail_lite::scan_replies (public, deprecated)


Defined in packages/acs-mail-lite/tcl/legacy-inbound-procs.tcl

Deprecated. Invoking this procedure generates a warning.

Scheduled procedure that will scan for bounced mails

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Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 acs_mail_lite::load_mails acs_mail_lite::load_mails (public, deprecated) acs_mail_lite::mail_dir acs_mail_lite::mail_dir (private) ad_log_deprecated ad_log_deprecated (public) ad_try ad_try (public) acs_mail_lite::scan_replies acs_mail_lite::scan_replies acs_mail_lite::scan_replies->acs_mail_lite::load_mails acs_mail_lite::scan_replies->acs_mail_lite::mail_dir acs_mail_lite::scan_replies->ad_log_deprecated acs_mail_lite::scan_replies->ad_try

No testcase defined.
Source code:
ad_log_deprecated proc acs_mail_lite::scan_replies
        # Make sure that only one thread is processing the queue at a time.
        if {[nsv_incr acs_mail_lite check_bounce_p] > 1} {
            nsv_incr acs_mail_lite check_bounce_p -1

        ad_try  {
            ns_log Debug "acs-mail-lite: about to load qmail queue for [mail_dir]"
            load_mails -queue_dir [mail_dir]
        } finally {
            nsv_incr acs_mail_lite check_bounce_p -1
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PostgreSQL, Oracle
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