ad_context_bar (public)

 ad_context_bar [ -from_node from_node ] [ -node_id node_id ] \
    [ -separator separator ] [ args... ]

Defined in packages/acs-tcl/tcl/navigation-procs.tcl

Returns a Yahoo-style hierarchical navbar. Includes "Administration" if applicable, and the subsite if not global. 'args' can be either one or more lists, or a simple string.

If provided do not generate links to the given node and above.
If provided work up from this node, otherwise the current node
The text placed between each link (passed to ad_context_bar_html if provided)
an HTML fragment generated by ad_context_bar_html
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Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 test_ad_context_bar ad_context_bar (test acs-tcl) ad_context_bar ad_context_bar test_ad_context_bar->ad_context_bar _ _ (public) ad_context_bar->_ ad_conn ad_conn (public) ad_context_bar->ad_conn ad_context_bar_html ad_context_bar_html (public) ad_context_bar->ad_context_bar_html ad_context_node_list ad_context_node_list (public) ad_context_bar->ad_context_node_list parameter::get parameter::get (public) ad_context_bar->parameter::get apm_header apm_header (public, deprecated) apm_header->ad_context_bar etp::get_pa etp::get_pa (private) etp::get_pa->ad_context_bar packages/acs-admin/www/apm/version-i18n-process-2.tcl packages/acs-admin/ www/apm/version-i18n-process-2.tcl packages/acs-admin/www/apm/version-i18n-process-2.tcl->ad_context_bar packages/acs-admin/www/apm/version-i18n-process.tcl packages/acs-admin/ www/apm/version-i18n-process.tcl packages/acs-admin/www/apm/version-i18n-process.tcl->ad_context_bar packages/acs-admin/www/apm/version-i18n.tcl packages/acs-admin/ www/apm/version-i18n.tcl packages/acs-admin/www/apm/version-i18n.tcl->ad_context_bar

Source code:
    if {![parameter::get -package_id [ad_conn subsite_id] -parameter ShowContextBarP -default 1]} {
        return ""

    if { $node_id eq "" } {
        set node_id [ad_conn node_id]

    # Get context info for this node. In case of "early" errors
    # (e.g. invalid characters in the URL), the result might be empty.
    set context [ad_context_node_list -from_node $from_node $node_id]

    if { [string match "admin/*" [ad_conn extra_url]] } {
        lappend context [list "[ad_conn package_url]admin/"  [_ acs-tcl.Administration]]

    if {[llength $args] == 0} {
        # Fix last element to just be literal string
        if {$context ne ""} {
            lset context end [lindex $context end 1]
    } else {
        if {![string match "\{*" $args]} {
            # args is not a list, transform it into one.
            set args [list $args]
    lappend context {*}$args
    if { [info exists separator] } {
        return [ad_context_bar_html -separator $separator $context]
    } else {
        return [ad_context_bar_html $context]
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