Templating System : Designer Guide : Tag Reference : If


The if tag is used to output a template section only when certain conditions are met. It has the form <if expression>.

Expression Syntax

The expressions used in the <if> tag have the following form
x0 [not] opx1x2 ...
The operator op determines the number operands (x 0 , ... x n-1 ).

The following operators are available:

Any of these operators can be prefixed with not to invert the outcome.

Usage Examples

<if @x@ eq 5>True</if>
<if @x@ eq "Greta">True</if>

<if @x@ ne 5>True</if>
<if @x@ ne "Greta">True</if>

<if @x@ lt 5>True</if>
<if @x@ le 5>True</if>

<if @x@ gt 5>True</if>
<if @x@ ge 5>True</if>

<if @x@ true>True</if>
<if @x@ false>False</if>

<if @x@ odd>True</if>
<if @x@ even>True</if>

<if @x@ between 3 6>True</if>
<if @x@ not between 3 6>True</if>

<if @x@ eq 5 and @y@ eq 2>True</if>
<if @x@ ge 5 or @y@ le 2>True</if>

<if @s@ nil>True</if>
<if @s@ not nil>True</if>

<if @z@ in "Greta" "Fred" "Sam">True</if>
<if @z@ not in "Greta" "Fred" "Sam">True</if>