Internationalization and Localization Overview

Table 14.1. Internationalization and Localization Overview

InternationalizationPackage Developer uses the acs-lang tools to replace all visible text in a package with message keys. (More information)Package Developer
Release ManagementThe newly internationalized package is released.Package Developer
The translation server is updated with the new package.Translation server maintainers
LocalizationTranslators work in their respective locales to write text for each message key. (More information)Translators
Release ManagementThe translated text in the database of the translation server is compared to the current translations in the OpenACS code base, conflicts are resolved, and the new text is written to catalog files on the translation server.Translation server maintainers
The catalog files are committed to the OpenACS code base.Translation server maintainers
A new version of OpenACS core and/or affected packages is released and published in the repository.Release Manager
UpgradingSite Administrators upgrade their OpenACS sites, either via the automatic upgrade from the Repository or via tarball or CVSSite Administrators
Site Administrators import the new translations. Existing local translations, if they exist, are not overwritten.Site Administrators