Chapter 3. ACS Administration Guide

Installation and Operation Notes

  • Imagemagick The convert and identify binaries must be installed within the location specified by the parameter ImageMagickPath. The user that the webserver is running under must have execute privileges for the files. A link to a download page for ImageMagick can be found in the design document.

  • Image Storage Directory The photo album store image binaries in the file system. The webserver user must have read, write, and execute privileges for the directory specified in the parameter PhotoDir. This directory must be in the acs root directory for the server. The webserver user must also have write privilege on any file created in this directory or it will not be able to delete images.

  • Permission Checks for Serving Images The parameter CheckPermissionOnImageServeP controls if images/index.vuh queries the database to check if user has read permission on a photo prior to serving it. Setting this to true will slow server performance because it causes an extra trip to the database for every image served. Default album pages serve 12 thumbnails per page, which translates into 12 extra trips to the database. Users should not be presented a link/img tag for an image for which they do not have read privileges. Unless you are really concerned about someone url hacking to a private image (which they would need to know the full path), I suggest leaving this parameter set to false.