Chapter 2. Release Notes for Photo Album 4.0.1 Final Release

Changes from 4.0.1 beta to 4.0.1 final.

  • Removed photo level permission checks. Load testing showed that allowing different photos within the same album to have different permissions made the queries to get the photos in a large album very slow. I changed the application logic so that all photos in album have same permission and permission check is done at the album level.

  • Tunned numerous queries base on load testing results against a database filed with 10,000 photos.

  • Made compatible with acs-kernal 4.1.1 and acs-templating 4.1.

  • Added caching of primary keys of photos in an album and package root folder_id.

  • Added optional permission check when serving images.

  • Added separate optional page to display the base sized photo.

  • When uploading a photo, the thumbnail is now created from the viewer sized image rather from the base sized image. Creating a small image from a medium-sized image is much faster than creating a small image from a large image and does not noticeably change the image quality.

  • Minor revisions to plsql packages to improve compatibility with acs-content-repository.

  • Added more detailed documentation in both html and docbook format.

  • Fixed name conflicts with photo album lite.

Besides upgrading the rest of your acs install to 4.1.1, you will need to manually run photo-album/sql/plsql-packages.sql through sqlplus to update the packages inside oracle when upgrading from the beta to final version of the photo-album.