Forum OpenACS Q&A: automatic text catgorization

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Malte, I have never used any lexical/text categorizing tools myself. Several I've heard of are the code discussed in Paul Graham's A Plan for Spam, CRM114, and bogofilter. And Graham lists many other open source Bayesian filters.

Most of those seem to have been used so far primarily or only as spam filters, but there have definitely been other applications (Extracting the interesting posts from Usenet, for example.)

Someone or other here also wrote a college thesis doing automatic classification of text in an OpenACS system, but I never read it and now I don't remember who that was or where it is.

There was also some old discussion of OpenCyc, which is of course quite different.

Posted by Håkan Ståby on
Rafael Calvo wrote in this thread about automatic categorization and he also wrote a paper:

"Williams K., R. A. Calvo and D. Bell. Automatic Categorization of Questions for a Mathematics Education Service. Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference. Sydney, Australia. July 2003"

It can be found here: