Forum OpenACS Development: External Authentication Weekly Update

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Posted by Lars Pind on
Hi All,

We've started the work to implement <a href="">external authentication</a>. Here's the first of a series of weekly status updates.

We've started implemeting the basic authentication framework. We created an "acs-authentication" package, defined some of the necessary service contracts, and started writing the 'local' implementation, i.e. the authentication/password management/account registration driver which handles login using passwords stored in the OpenACS users table.

We plan to proceed down this path until we have standard
OpenACS authentication working again. Then we'll implement a driver to do external authentication between two OpenACS instances, just to make sure everything works as it's supposed to. After that, we'll start implementing drivers. It looks like the first will be PAM. Once that's done, we'll start looking at adding extra frills, depending on the budget situation then.

Nothing has been committed yet. We'll commit as soon as things work and we have the proper upgrade scripts in place.