Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Class / Communities AND Different Types of Users (Limited/Guest/etc.)Class / Communities AND Different Types of Users (Limited/Guest/etc.)


at this point we should keep any changes in this area to an absolute minimum.

How about the following:

1. Make the descriptive texts for these two functions understandable on the class admin page so no one has to ask this kind of question again (we can use parts of Caroline's explanation above).

2. Fix the follow up pages where users are actually added (these need to be simplified and references to MIT and Sloan need to be removed).

2. Add the "Add a Limited Access User" text and link back to community admin page that sets read_private_date=t when adding a user (just cut and paste from the class page). By passing read_private_data_p=t to user-add in the URL a community admin can create a non-guest limited access user.


(this works on the test servers)


P.S. Just reported this bug: