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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

We just got .LRN 1.0 out the door and .LRN 1.0.1 is a bug fix release. .LRN 1.0.1 beta1 was just released.

.LRN 2.0 will be the internationalized version and it is not finished yet.

I am not sure which version of .LRN you have installed but if you are doing a demo in the morning why not show them the translation interface with a few translated terms in addition to your local test server (to show .LRN 1.0 functionalities)? It certainly would be easier for now.

I have approved your membership on the server so you can start adding some Hindi (please read the instructions on the start page). Please be careful with the other languages on the server, because this is the official translation server and permissions are very lax at this point.

Please note that the i18n effort will be starting up again shortly (has been paused due to the .LRN 1.0 release  and a search for further funding).  We hope to have it finished (along with .LRN 2.0) this summer.

Here is a list of things still missing:
and here is the project page for future news:


3: Re: .LRN and acs-lang (response to 2)
Posted by kirat singh on

Thankyou. I have installed the .LRN 1.0 release.

I'll take your advice on the demo bit.

On the translation front, I understand your concern o the permissions being lax. I'll make sure to abide by the book.