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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
hi everybody,

A small warning for people using the leading (bleeding?) edge code of openacs from cvs head: Due to the experimental changes in cvs head with lazy site node caching
the following two mishabits will be observed with xowiki (when used with openacs from cvs head).

a) when xowiki is installed, the aolserver has to be restarted, otherwise xowiki/admin is not seen. The same thing happens, when a new instance of xowiki is added in an existing installation. I would think, this affects admin in other packages as well.

b) the link to categories in xowiki/admin does not work initially. One has to browse first "manually" to http://yoursite/categories/ (this seems to load the site node), then the categories link in xowiki will work again. There is nothing special in xowiki about this link, other applications using categories will have similar problems.

There are most probably more problems with lazy site node caching as well...

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Thanks for noting these issues. I will try to figure out why this happens and ammend the site node caching code accordingly.