Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Google & Co on dynamic content

Posted by Don Baccus on
Brian ... have you forgotten that we've implemented a solution that presents a URL without a "?" that can be turned on for Planet?  The first cut was implemented by Elephant 7 but didn't work.  I fixed it and at one time it was working but since "google indexes sites with '?' variables" it was decided to leave it turned off.

You folks might do some testing on a development server to make sure it still works, and if it does you might turn it on for Planet to see if google then does a better job.

For the rest of you, the solution was very simple:  It just uses a simple algorithm to mangle the URL with a "?" into a simple string, then when the request processor processes a hit  the URL is unmangled back to the original URL.

No client code needs to be written.  No index.vuh files need to be written.  URLs just need to be filtered through the mangle proc rather than placed directly in templates.

But since google supposedly doesn't care about "?" this shouldn't be necessary ...

Also, Brian ... you guys should try to analyze what google's finding and not finding on Planet.  It may be that now that you have a dynamic content system you're changing content more frequently, and that this causes Google to miss content because it expires before the site's reindexed.  Or that archive links are broken or something along those lines.

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Don, Brian, is that URL mangling/demangling code in the OpenACS toolkit? If not, would Greenpeace be willing to contribute it?