Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Upgrade to xowiki 0.52

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Matthew, this does not look good. you have parts of the newest and somewhat experimental stuff in the databse, and there are no "downgrade" scripts from new versions into old version. ::xowiki::Form and ::xowiki::FormInstance are extensions of ::xowiki::PageTemplate and ::xowiki::PageInstance, which might be merged before the release. Both classes are very new, you will get the same problems with every other older version now as well.

The following to sql calls should most probably work to downgrade

select acs_object_type__drop_type('::xowiki::Form','t') from dual;
select acs_object_type__drop_type('::xowiki::FormInstance','t') from dual;

If not, i would say, stay for now with the head version.


Posted by Matthew Coupe on
No problem Gustaf, working on a dev machine anyway so I can start afresh on Monday if the scripts don't work.

We are running 0.37 in production so I'll try going straight to version 0.47 from there as that seems like a reasonable release - I feel like I'm missing out if I go too low on the version! We're not due to release the stuff we're working on for a couple of months so maybe by then there will be a further stable upgrade.

Thanks for all of the help.