Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Virtual urls in CR / File Storage

Posted by Don Baccus on
Actually it would be nice if you could XML your docs using the standard OpenACS doc format, because then you'll get automatic docbook output.  It's not hard if you have a reasonably modern  Linux distribution (in other words all the pieces you need to go from xml->docbook-style html are included)

folders are just content items ... the consistent theme in the CR is that a template attached to a content item is used to render the item - not the item's children.  So the template hierarchy you describe makes folders a content item that are a special case that doesn't work the way other content items work.  One possibility would be to add a new column to the folder content type named "the default template to use to render my children".  Or to build add that concept to the template-item map or something.  That would add the functionality your client wanted (which I agree is useful) without breaking the template functionality for folders themselves.  I think being able to change the look of folder display throughout the system by replacing a template attached to "content_folder" is functionality worth retaining.

(not that file storage or any other packages *uses* that functionality!)