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Posted by Tilmann Singer on
As far as I know aolserver can only roll the access logs automatically, not the error log. Which is a pity. I would like to hear if there is any common solution for this, or if aolservers newer than 3.3ad13 can do it.
Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

one way to roll the access log is mentioned in

Here's my Tcl version:

# logroll.tcl.postload - Rolls the server log on the same basis as the access log.
# Oct 07, 2001
# version 0.1 based on prior work by
# May 17, 2001
# version 0.1 
# Note: This script is for rolling the _server_ log not the _access_ log!
# Directions
# ----------
# 1. Set the "ServerLog" in the ns/parameters section and the 
# "RollDay", "RollHour", "RollFmt" parameters in the
# ns/server/'yourserver'/module/nslog section of your config file.
# 2. Place this script a Tcl directory sourced at server startup
# Further Work
# ------------
# - Verify the log got rolled, if not send email
# - Check for disk space
# - scp logs to a remote site(s)

# Roll the server log and give it an extension of the current date and time.

proc roll_server_log {serverlog rollfmt} {
    ns_log Notice "logroll.tcl: About to roll server log."
    set date [clock format [clock seconds] -format $rollfmt]
    if {[file exists "$serverlog.000"]} {
	file rename "$serverlog.000" "$serverlog.$date"
	ns_log Notice "logroll.tcl: Just rolled server log into $serverlog.$date"
    } else {
	ns_log Warning "logroll.tcl: Just rolled server log but couldn't move it to $serverlog.$date"

# Create argument list

set args [list]

# Find out where the log is stored.

lappend args [ns_config "ns/parameters" ServerLog]

# Roll the log when the access log is being rolled.

set rollday [ns_config "ns/server/[ns_info server]/module/nslog" RollDay]
set rollhour [ns_config -int "ns/server/[ns_info server]/module/nslog" RollHour]
set rollminute 0

# Use the same roll format as the access log.

lappend args [ns_config "ns/server/[ns_info server]/module/nslog" RollFmt]

if {$rollday == "*"} {

    # Schedule "roll_server_log" to run at the desired time

    ns_schedule_daily $rollhour $rollminute roll_server_log $args
} else {

    # Schedule "roll_server_log" to run only on RollDay days.

    ns_schedule_weekly $rollday $rollhour $rollminute roll_server_log $args

Place this file in /web/'yourserver'/tcl directory, follow the directions in the header and restart the server. Et voila!


Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Tilmann, please read the earlier posts above in this same thread! AOLserver is quite capable of rolling both the access and the error/server logs itself. (AFAIK this applies to all versions, but definitely applies to AOLserver 3.3.) The methods for the two are gratuitously different, unfortunately, but they're both very easy. And both the easiest and second easiest ways to roll the error log (ns_logroll, SIGHUP) are both explained above, particularly in my Jan. 2003 post.