Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Drafting the Core Team Governance Document

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
"OpenACS Improvement Proposals" doesn't abbreviate to TIP, of course, but I guess we should just leave that alone.

Where should the nuts-and-bolts details go?  In the doc, or an appendix, or elsewhere?  I mean things like:
Where is the list of pending TIPs?
What is the minimum amount of detail for a valid TIP?
Where is the permanent record of how each TIP was addressed?
How can we tell if a TIP got TYANN?

I guess for TCL this is all in the mailing list?  We discussed creating a special bug category for TIPS and keeping them on  Thoughts?

Where is the list of core members published?
How are membership changes initiated?  Through the same TIP process?

What Core Team discussions should be kept private?
Should everything else necessarily be public?
What response time is expected from Core Team members?  weekly?  monthly?