Forum OpenACS Development: Need help in understanding how to configure / install the dotlrn.

Hi Everybody,

I have a openacs instance running with oacs version 5.1.5 and db oracle 10g. I need to provide the users with the dotlrn so that users can create communities with forums, file-storage, and news and wiki package in that created community.

Am confused how to configure the dotlrn,

a. whether to have the dotlrn first in the instance and mount that under my custom package and there after when the users create new communities to be mounted under the dotlrn thats under my custom package.

b. whether to directly mount that under my custom package.

c. How do i configure the dotlrn to get forums, news, wiki, file-storage automounted each time a new community is created.

Please suggest me how can i acheive this.

Sudheer Alladi.