Forum OpenACS Q&A: How to switch a possition for a check box?

Hello All,

I do have this code:

    {label "Block Pop-Up Windows"} {options {{"" "t"}} {value $popup}}

Which results in this possitioning on page:

Block Pop-Up Windows <>

(where <> is a check box, and I am using ad_form function)

Is there a way how to revert possition to look like this?

<> Block Pop-Up Windows

Thank you for your time.


changing the form template:
copy /packages/acs-templating/resources/forms/standars.adp to the same place with other name, lets say your_form_template.adp, and change it to your needs, then when you call in you .apd the form put src=your_form_template so it will use your new one.
Posted by Daniel D on
Hello Rocael,

Thank you for the advice.