Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: aolserver4 and url rewrite

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Dave, are you using OpenACS? If so, are you sure the request processor with its abstract URLs doesn't already do what you need? If you notice, the URL for this very page on is "message-view", not "message-view.tcl", which is what the actual file is named...

Also, what about the AOLserver nsrewrite module?

Posted by Dave Denney on
I am not using OpenACS, this was a decision to try to keep the complexity down.  Nothing I am doing is big enough to require a Content Management System, so I tried not to borrow trouble, though this may have been the wrong decision.

I have been looking for nsrewrite, but have been unable to find it at all in the v4 source, or install.  I am presently assuming that it does not ship with v4 beta.  Also, nowhere have I found a link to download it alone.  Those that I think might help point to the now-defunct ArsD site.

This begs the question, should I be using Aolserver v4 at all?  Or should I fall back to the pretty ubiquitous 3.3?  Or will the packages pulled out of the 3.3 distribution work with 4?

Tomorrow I'm going to try using the 3.3 versions with 4 and seeing what happens.  There shouldn't be any major glitches, but I will keep the forums posted.  Thanks for all the help so far, I've learned a lot.

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
nsrewrite came from Arsdigita and is in the OpenACS-customized tarball of AOLserver 3.3.  A version with some new documentation is in the AOLserver CVS repository on SourceForge, but hasn't been made available through the SF file downloads yet.

A current list of AOLserver modules is available here:

You might also be interested in what's new in AOLserver 4:

OpenACS is indeed complex, but the powerful request processor is just one of its features - even if you don't use any of the drop-in applications like the blog, forums, or photo album, you might like its user management, database procs, enhanced templating, schema and API browser, testing and debugging tools, ...

Please let us know how you fare with whatever you decide!