Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problem with newest xowiki

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
i see: the apm_version_names_compare 5.2.0d9 5.2 returns 1 (meaning older than 5.2), but you have already the 5.2 features like e.g. the package_id. Since versions before 5.2 did not have package-ids, xotcl-core does not pass the package-id to content_item__new, although the datamodel says, it is required.

is it a problem for you to upgrade that machine at least to 5.2? xotcl-core and xowiki have a few tests on the kernel version to behave differently in pre 5.2 versions. You can certainly grep for 5.2 in xotcl-core and xowiki to change this into 5.1.99 or whatever to address this problem.

Posted by César Clavería on
thank you very much for your help.

I'm not sure which route I'll take, but whatever it is I'll post back the results.