Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Threads and sockets in OpenACS

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Tom,

many thanks for your reply - that was very useful. There is no obvious advantage to me in using the ns_sock+ commands, which has put my mind at rest on that issue.

On the second question, what I was trying to do was find a way to run a proc that required a connection (i.e. to lookup the user_id etc) without actually holding up the browser. I ended up rewriting the proc to be independent of the connection (just passing in the user_id etc). I can see now I was being a bit dim, expecting to both have a connection and not have a connection at the same time! I'm happy now with my solution but it was useful to know about ns_atclose and ns_proxy.

Although I'm still not totally clear on when one would use ns_thread.

thanks again Tom