Forum OpenACS Development: Permission Inheritance

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Is there a plan to clean up permission inheritance for the 5.0 release, as some modules inherit from the main site, some from the subsite directly above and e.g. bug-tracker from the subsite one above the current subsite. It is kindoff confusing :).
2: Re: Permission Inheritance (response to 1)
Posted by Peter Marklund on
for the package object itself I believe context_id should be set to be the closest ancestor package_id in the site map. I've enhanced site_node::instantiate_and_mount to default context_id to be exactly this and this is the behaviour you get if you use the site map UI.

For acs objects within the package I think they should have context_id be the package_id (directly or indirectly, indirect example being that the object is a posting in a forum and the forum has context_id=package_id).

If someone wants to examine the packages create scripts and fix any context_id inconsisetencies and provide a patch for it I think that would be quite appreciated.