Forum OpenACS Q&A: Aolserver 4 + ACS 3.4.X

Posted by Cheng-Yi Hsu on
We had test aolserver4-beta8 + tcl 8.4.3 with acs 3.4.10 , and it works !

What you need to do is :
1. in oracle driver, ora8.c or ora9.c
    add a line of include <nsdb.h> in include area
2. compile nsrewrite,nsssha1,nsgd,nsoracle,nscache,nsxml with no problem
3. merge your auxdir parameter into main parameter file
    for example in our xxx application
    use utility translate-ini to translate ini file
    to tcl file
    (tclsh translate-ini < xxx.ini > xxx.tcl
    merge /export/home/nsadmin/xxx.tcl
    and /web/xxx/parameters/xxx.tcl

  (append at last line)
4. in my xxx.tcl , make sure add ns_param nsdb
5. if you listen on port 80 , add bind-address on your
  xxx-start script

    e.g /export/home/nsadmin/bin/nsd -t xxx.tcl -g nsadmin -u nsadmin -b
6. aolserver 4 seems do not support bin/nsd -K to kill nsd process
    you can use nscp telnet 9999
    and use ns_shutdown to shut down nsd process

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
Thanks for posting this, I'm sure it will help the next person who upgrades.  You might want to diff your version of the Oracle driver with the one in the AOLserver repository on SourceForge.  I know that #1 should no longer be necessary, so you might be missing other patches.