Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How about turning off the cvs commits forum?

Posted by Roberto Mello on

I don't know how can one sign up for the CVS commits mailing list. AFAIK it is just a qmail alias, but I've been off-the-loop since finals a month ago (and now with my trip to  Brazil).

I really like receiving cvs commits notices because it helps me to follow what's been changed much more effectivelly. Bart suggested the RSS feed, which is another way.

The reason for me to add forum postings was so that people could get cvs commit notifications. I didn't know at the time that it wouldn't work without some additions to notifications (a PL/pgSQL API), which I haven't found the time to complete.

I think it'd be useful to leave the forum postings (searchable, archived), if we make some modifications to overcome the slowness:

- "buffer" the postings so they are added after the person has made the commit
- Add the pl/pgsql api spoken of to notifications.