Forum OpenACS Development: User Search, supporting external authorities

If an external authority is enabled, but batch synchronzation is not, there is no easy way for an administrator to add a local account from an external authority.

Michael Steigman and I have worked on a search implementation for acs-authentication that supports the same interface to search local users and an external authority. Currently we have a search implementation for auth-ldap. It is pretty simple to add a new implementation for other external authorities.

In addition we have developed a user interface to allow searching either locally or externally and adding a user to an entire site, or a subsite. Right now its working primarily within .LRN so you can add users to .LRN or to a specific .LRN class. I have implemented this so the search pages are reusable and can be used for acs-admin/users or acs-subsite user search as well, although this is not implemented yet.

If this sounds like someting useful I will work on finishing the acs-subsite implementation and make the code and user interface available for review.