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Posted by alex pershyn on
I'd like to use developer support feature. I have following instructions for this:

Add the following to your parameters/yourservername.ini file:
; remember information about connections, for developers' benefit?
; remember information about every database request?
; remember information for which client hosts?
; remember this information for how long? sweep how often? (in seconds)

The question is where is parameters/yourservername.ini  file?
Please help me if you khow!

2: Re: developer support (response to 1)
Posted by Alfred Werner on
Unless you're using a particularly old version you would go through the package manager. That version of documentation sounds acs 3.x-ish.

Click on the 'ACS Developer Support 4.0a' on the first screen of package manager. On the next screen scroll down til you see 'paramaters'.

That should do it.

3: Re: developer support (response to 1)
Posted by Jarkko Laine on
If you have mounted developer support already, you can set the parameters even through site map ( There you have "set parameters" link behind your developer support instance.

For some weird reason, DatabaseEnabledP is default to 0. You definitely want to set it to 1, so that the package will show you every db query needed for each page request (and the time they take). I think it's the most useful feature of dev-support, so it should probably be default to 1. Besides, the documentation is lacking behind here, since it still talks about .ini file.