Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Using GET and POST variables

Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
Even so, it is much easier (and recommended) to use ad_form to build a form with OpenACS.
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Ryan, this problem is independent of whether or not ad_form is used. It is a question, of what is specified in the action of a form. Btw, the class ConnectionContext in xotcl-core distinguishes as well between form parameters and query parameters for exactly the same reasons. There are situations, where a query is parameterized (via URL), which transmits a form via POST.
Posted by César Clavería on
Thanks, good to know some other alternatives, I guess I have to learn xotcl.

My main problem with this was that the information was being sent trough a flash object, the flash object sends some information as POST, but I needed some more parameters so I sent them using GET. Thats why I came across this problem.