Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Regarding OpenACS Internationalization Utilities

Posted by Jarkko Laine on

It's impossible for anyone to help you if you don't give a bit more specific details about your problem. Do you mean that i18nizing your own packages doesn't work or that the existing packages don't work in your language?

The version of your Red Hat shouldn't matter AFAIK, but if you're using PostgreSQL, you have to compile it to support i18n using --enable-locale and --enable-multibyte switches (see installation docs for that).

Note that not all packages are i18nized. If you mean, however, that you can't get your own packages internationalized, please tell us what you have done, and where did you get into trouble.

hi Jarkko Laine

i have downloaded the acs-lang from the cvs of the and i have installed it ,
this is the output i had got it


Administration(link to admin)

          Your locale setting for the whole site.
Site-wide Locale  ( drop down box)

i have also installed the postgresql 7.2.4 from the docs of which u have given path,

i also tested it using the different langugaes , i have checked it for the forums as it is globalized (as peter marklund said) but of no use i could not get it.

please help me if possible by step by step process.
thanks in advance