Forum OpenACS Q&A: Sql code running thousands of times each day?


I've come accross this in my logs, the sql code below seems to have run 8000 times today alone.

select r.revision_id
from cr_revisions r,acs_ojects o
where r.revision_id = o.object_id

It appears in content-revision.sql and seems to be called by a cron job or some other automatic job. Has anyone come accross this before? Is it possibly related to the acs mail module?

Posted by Alfred Werner on
Just guessing - are you 'watching' any packages ??
Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Tomas,

Its related to content repository.  There are some possibilities that runs a schedule job using the content revision.  From what I remember there is scheduled job that cleans out the file system of CR files, although I think it runs only once a day.  Another scheduled job is the search indexer, which runs about a few hundred a day I think.

Anyway you might want to look at what context is the query being used, the query is a bit general.