Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Curriculum Status Report 2

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Nice work Polyxena!

Some feedback:

  1. I do know some people at our medical school that are probably better at treating gastric ulcers than you (maybe I can get one of them to add a gastric ulcer treatment curriculum for you). I am sure reducing coffee intake would be in there somewhere.
  2. I am really happy about you all using the new workflow package. It will make combining future work with curriculum easier (e.g. the assessment package).
  3. I really believe that this is a case where using frames does make sense (please note: in general I am not a fan of frames).
  4. I would like to see the curriculum frame (and bar) on the top of pages with a way for a user to get rid of them (e.g. "Remove Frame" or "Remove Curriculum Bar" having a "Back to Curriculum Index" would be nice too). Here is an example of what I am talking about from a well know search tool (boy do our google search results suck -> I hope someone has erased the robots exclude bit).
  5. As I told you privately earlier today I would really like to see a general progress bar widget come out of this for the toolkit. One with a html/ascii switch based on something like this:
  6. I have done some minor testing and I was able to put together a short curriculum quickly. As we move closer to official release of the package I would like to get users from our side to give some feedback. Maybe we can get Deirdre from MIT to do the same.
  7. I would prefer the progress reports in the same thread so they are not spread out in the forums.
  8. Keep up the good work!