Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: URLs of most current documentation: moving targets

No, should always be the newest version of the doucmentation. If there is a good reason to create an archived version (e.g. 3 -> 4 or prejoelian docs -> joelian docs) then we create one here: and add a link to the doc index that is distributed with all versions of OpenACS. This can happen on its own if we commit to keeping the cvs in sync with the stable branch of openacs. We then add to the package documentation as usual (e.g. /doc/dotlrn/ ) and benefit from having static urls (e.g. general comments) Here is a suggestion of how the left column in the doc index page could change to reflect this (and replace the page that comes up now):
Getting Started
        - OpenACS 4.6.3 Release Notes
	- Required Software
	- Unix Installation Guide
        - Windows Installation Guide
	- Mac OS X Installation Guide
	- Upgrading
	- Developer Tutorial
        - API Browser for this OpenACS instance

Full Table of Contents

Primers and References
        - OpenACS FAQs
        - OpenACS CVS Browser
        - AOLserver Documentation 
	  (the Tcl Developer's Guide in particular.)
        - Tcl for Web Nerds
        - SQL for Web Nerds

        - OpenACS 4.6.2 Documentation
        - OpenACS 4.6 Documentation
        - OpenACS 3.2.5 Documentation

Documentation Improvement Project
        - Help improve OpenACS documentation