Forum OpenACS Q&A: Feedback on .LRN installation from a potential adopter

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step 2, it says you should already have the OpenACS tar-ball in /tmp. This is thanks to the step "Unpack the OpenACS tarball" on this document

I see the point that this tarball includes the postgresql.txt file, which is the used in step 8 "Set PostgreSQL to start on boot" on this page:

But still, it's a bit confusing and easy to miss the first step on the linux-installation page. Maybe a link back directly to the section that tells you to download the tarball in the first place would help?

I updated the .LRN installation doc a bit to make it slightly more clear.


Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
What is the first step on the linux-installation page?  Maybe I should number them all.  What exactly tripped up the early adopter?  Doing the postgresql install without having unzipped the openacs tarball in /tmp?
Posted by Lars Pind on
"missing the first step on the linux-installation page": "First" here referred to the first step mentioned in my post, namely to download and unpack the OpenACS tarball in /tmp.

I think what tripped up our friend was that he just wanted an installation to tryi things out, and he already had a linux box. He didn't want to bother with reinstalling linux or setting up CVS or all the other things, so he probably just skipped that chapter entirely, not noticing that there were little things buried in there, which would burn him later.

He's not very Linux-savvy, but that shouldn't be a requirement to getting a version of OpenACS/.LRN up to try it out.