Forum OpenACS Development: Create a directory with the APM / installer?

When you install the ecommerce package it requires several directories to exist before you can post products, thumbnails, etc. Is there anyway to make the installer handle this step?

Also, is there a way to check for system dependencies - I see there is a path set in the main parameter section - so, can the path be searched for 'convert' in this case, and a warning posted (or an abort, not sure which is better) if the dependency is not met? I know several other packages call system binaries - like GraphViz (dot) in one instance - what is the standard way of handling this?

Posted by Don Baccus on
The APM now supports a bunch of Tcl callbacks for various state changes - before install, after install, before instantiate, after instantiate and before uninstalling etc.

So ecommerce could be improved to make its directories.

Much better would be to store these items in the content repository, supporting the filesystem or BLOB choice that implies, and with filesystem support built in rather than have it roll its own.  That's a fairly sizable task though (especially with upgrade scripts) - it's done the was it is done because it was ported from 3x by folks who had a limited amount of time available.