Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: URLs of most current documentation: moving targets

Think of losing etp ability as a reduction of what we have to worry about. Consequently I am going to start pushing the different pieces of .LRN documentation floating around in etp (and elsewhere) into the /doc/dotlrn/ folder (under cvs control) and pushing descriptions of functionalities that are not specific to .LRN into the individual package docs (news, faq, forums, etc.).

Below is the html for the index page again (I closed an open html tag in the original and added the education link). Now the only thing missing from the old page is "Miscellaneous Documentation" (which only contains an openacs migration doc) and "Using CVS". Where do those two docs belong?

Getting Started
        - OpenACS 4.6.3 Release Notes
	- Required Software
	- Unix Installation Guide
        - Windows Installation Guide
	- Mac OS X Installation Guide
	- Upgrading
	- Developer Tutorial
        - API Browser for this OpenACS instance

Full Table of Contents Primers and References
        - OpenACS FAQs
        - Learning OpenACS
        - OpenACS CVS Browser
        - AOLserver Documentation 
	  (the Tcl Developer's Guide in particular.)
        - Tcl for Web Nerds
        - SQL for Web NerdsArchive
        - OpenACS 4.6.2 Documentation
        - OpenACS 4.6 Documentation
        - OpenACS 3.2.5 DocumentationDocumentation Improvement Project
        - Help improve OpenACS documentation