Forum OpenACS Development: acs-kernel.common_Yes and acs-kernel.common_no

in the acs-kernel catalog were a few inconsistencies and typos. i just fixed two of those:

a) most entries in acs-kernel.common_* are in capitalized and lowercase versions.

acs-kernel.common_yes yes
acs-kernel.common_Yes Yes

acs-kernel.common_open open
acs-kernel.common_Open Open

acs-kernel.common_help help
acs-kernel.common_Help Help

however, for some reason, common_no is only in lowercase, but with a capitalized label

acs-kernel.common_no No

This can be only a bug. Unfortunately, acs-kernel.common_no is used in many applications.

b) for some unknown reason the entries for last are

acs-kernel.common_lastt last
acs-kernel.common_Last Last

The "tt" for the lower case version can only be a typo. I have fixed (a) and (b) in acs-head: introduced

acs-kernel.common_no no
acs-kernel.common_No No

to all message catalogs (in the appropriate languages), changed in all committed packages acs-kernel.common_no to acs-kernel.common_No (since these packages used previously the lower case key with the upper case label).

For xowiki (which is so far supposed to work with about all versions), i have so far not internationalized "no".

If you have packages, not committed to cvs, which depend on the capitalized label for acs-kernel.common_no should use the following to alter the "no" message keys form old to the new version.

find . -name \*.tcl -exec perl -pi -e 's/acs-kernel.common_no/acs-kernel.common_No/' \{} ';'
find . -name \*.adp -exec perl -pi -e 's/acs-kernel.common_no/acs-kernel.common_No/' \{} ';'

Since the old behavior was a clear bug and a major annoyance, i have fixed without longer discussions. I have not upgraded all version numbers, so if you run from head (which only a few developer might do so), and you are annoyed by the message key, please reload the language catalog.