Forum OpenACS Q&A: Only install a portion of ACS on Oracle 8i

I have reviewed the permissions and group package in ACS and would like to use it for our Oracle 8i database and users.

I do not need anything else except the sql packages to create groups with permissions.

What part of the packages do I need to install or is there an option in the bootstrap installer to only install what I need?

I tried teasing out the individual parts out of the kernel and couldnt get around everything being connected to everything else.


Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Kevin, in that case, the acs-kernel package might be all you need. You can likely just run the necessary install scripts manually from sqlplus, without getting AOLserver and Tcl into the act at all, although I don't remember now whether that's at all straightforward.

If you've already installed AOLserver, etc., then the easiest route is just to do the minimal OpenACS core install, with no add on packages. If you don't actually use many of the tables, that's ok, they'll just sit there with zero rows taking up no space anyway.

Btw, why Oracle 8i? It is so old, and 10g is much nicer in my experience.

Posted by Kevinsky ~ on
Thanks Andrew
We will be using Oracle 8i for a while as upgrading to a newer version of Oracle implies changing other applications as well.

I would like to avoid installing the AOL portion.

What is the first sql command that I would use to install the kernel?

When I look in the
openacs-5.2.3\packages\acs-kernel\sql\oracle package

I dont really know where to start.


Posted by Don Baccus on
By convention (enforced by our package installer) the script to create the datamodel for a package is named "package-create.sql". In other words, for acs-kernel, use SQL*Plus to execute acs-kernel-create.sql.