Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Upgrading a heavily modified site

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
I also could benefit from more docs on this, for your information. Of course, I really appreciate the details in this thread already, as a step by step, and I am only chiming in here to caution that I fear you see in me more mentality in me then I currently posses. I'm a total n00b (newbie) compared to many of the great people in this community and it's difficult to overstate the canyon of difference between what you understand and what I understand.

For instance, I'm unsure if I changed my data model, as you put it above, and so am I to assume that if I don't know if I changed it then I probably didn't? Bare with me, I only first got my site going in March and I don't have a CS degree or anything

LOL, seriously, in spite of my inexperience with unix, I did manage to get CVS set up and a site going, check it out:

If I ever attempted to merge my 4.6.1 installation with your upgrades, the type of detail that I would find re-assuring would be a cleaned up emacs shell log of the entire process interspersed with these great step by steps above. The problem is: Your CVS diff command output, would be differ then the output of my CVS diff commands, but I am interested in how others modify their openACS systems so I'm still interested. Plus, seeing you merge your things gives me an idea how to merge my things.

Still, if someone took a log of their upgrade process and added a little commentary about the output, here and there, that could be very helpful for someone like me who is trying to understand.  I guess that would be one LONG log -- but it might be very reassuring to someone who wanted to understand the exact process.

BTW, I've started using emacs commands for CVS. For instance: C-x v i

That adds a new file. I wonder if you use them to merge or do you just type CVS in the command line? Do you merge in three buffers or two? Docs like that could help too -- how to set up emacs if you have a special way of viewing diffs?