Forum OpenACS Q&A: Web 3 month contract gig at Boston bank

FYI, a friend of mine was contacted by a recruiter and forwarded the info to me. This recruiter is looking to fill a 3 month contract position, on-site somewhere in the greater Boston area, building some sort of web application using Oracle Portal. He specifically mentioned looking for leads by searching on the net for "Oracle Portal, IIS and Resume".

Here's how the recruiter, Wellington Wonsang <>, described the position:

Web Site/Application developer for Oracle Portal content and structure support. This position requires that the individual have 2 to 5 years of overall IT experience. Demonstrated experience in building and supporting web sites. Experience in delivering web based Applications. Strong oral and written communications is a must. Demonstrated experience in working with complex authenticated user environments, Microsoft IIS and Windows 2000. Experience with Oracle Portal, Oracle 9iAS, Oracle Database, PLSQL, Apatche web server, MS IIS 5.0, and MS SQL Server is a plus. Required Skills - Authenticated User Web Sites, MS IIS, Windows 2000. Desired Skills - Oracle Portal, Oracle 9iAS, MS SQL Server, Apatche web server, PLSQL.

The position is for a three month contract working at the client site in a banking environment. The existing team includes 2 developers and one PM.