Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Upgrading a heavily modified site

Posted by Peter Marklund on
For what it's worth, here are some notes I took to be able to reproduce the upgrade that I did of

*** Doing the CVS Merge

- Checkout acs-core plus the packages acs-events, acs-datetime, acs-developer-support and any other
packages needed by planet:

cvs -d checkout -r oacs-4-6 acs-core
  cd openacs-4/packages
  cvs -d checkout -r oacs-4-6 acs-datetime acs-events acs-developer-support

- Import the checked out sources to a new release tag on the vendor branch (example date is the 13:th of May 2003):

  cd openacs-4
  cvs import -b 1.1.2 -m "importing openacs-4-6" planet openacs-vendor-branch openacs-4-6-2003-05-13

- Now enter a clean checkout of planet on the CVS head and merge against the new release branch (release-tag-of-last-m\
erge could be for example openacs-4-6-2003-05-12):

  cvs update -kk -j  -j openacs-4-6-2003-05-13 -P

- Resolve any resulting conflicts

*** Testing Planet with the new Sources

- Make sure first that you have a dump file of the not upgraded planet database so that you can re-do the upgrade.

- Stop the server and start with a clean error log file. Start the server again and grep for all error messages.

- Remember that many of the procs in acs-tcl are overridden by procs in gp-tcl.

- Resolve enough errors to be able to use the package manager (/acs-admin/apm). Now upgrade the packages one at a time\
 starting with the core packages. You need to figure out which upgrade scripts to run as the APM has a history of some\
times suggesting running too early upgrade scripts that you then need to deselect.

- After each upgraded package you need to restart the server and watch for error messages. Some error messages may ste\
m from the fact that not all packages are upgraded yet and can be ignored.

- When you are done, test the site and watch for error messages. If there are issues you may need to upgrade again.