Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Groups -- the public, unregistered users, permissions


Right, but does object_id 0 have to be a user. Would it be better to allow forums posters to be a person instead of a user (which would include all users)?

I brought this up in another thread. Right now creation user of acs_objects has no restriction, so you can put any integer in there. Forums_messages specifically references the users table.


Sure, once we figure this out, it will be simple enough to enable the feature in forums and general comments. The work I am doing on general comments will allow anonymous posting (if enabled by the administrator.)

I think trying to sweep through and make things work with "persons" rather than "users" is more work that it's worth (for example you might want to have anonymous posting of attachments, photos, general comments, etp pages, etc). Rather than change all these things to use persons because you don't want to change object 0 to a user it's just easier to make object 0 a user.