Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Making OpenACS useful out of the box

Posted by Chris Johnson on
Bravo!--Lars, by all means, please commit this and let's push ahead!

This is exactly where I'm going ... slowly in my personal growth with openacs.

I want to work torward some semblence of this (some additions to Lars's):

- Basic groupware: Discussions, calendar, etc. Basically .LRN.
- Blog/photo/personal site
    - .Family: an extension of personal site, a portal for things like family (photo) albums, history, etc.

- CMS: the publishing side (basically a publish workflow)
- CMS + wiki + slurp word docs + autoclassifiacation = Knowledge Management (KM) for large scale orgs
- Project management: Basically groupware with ticket-tracker, logger, feature tracker, and other applications to show up under the .WRK umbrella.
  - OpenACSForge would be so much better than The Other Forge that is isn't funny ;-)

Further, and this is important, each "product" should be *only* a subsite. There should be no such thing as the main site--it should always be, "which product (subsite/metapackage) would you like to install/mount now" during the setup process. One such subsite could then be "portal" in which you stitch together as many products (which are each subsites by their very nature) as you like...

To me, a product is these things:
- a cohesive roll up of many modules
- a branding of openacs
- a subsite

This gives someone who installs OpenACS MegaBlogger Personal 2.0 the ability later to install OpenACS .Family on the same expensive hosted machine and have the data model make sense